Brothers 3 Studios is an innovative platform that works alongside directors to allow them the freedom to be more creative. We provide the crew, technology, and expertise to portray your vision thru emotion. As three brothers with 9 years of experience, we understand a story will only be as strong as the team you hire, or the technology you use to tell it. If you believe story is foremost, we can give you that professional atmosphere so you can truly be a creative.  




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A good team is the key to a successful project; which is why we as a company can provide crew from our very own talented group of professionals that have been qualified and hold to our core beliefs of accountability, trust, and an exceptional work ethic. Having an atmosphere of creatively and a understanding with the crew makes them less of a crew member and more of a family.  




Working with the best gear in the industry, we know exactly what it will take to tell your story. We understand the tools from the thousands of hours we’ve spent on the ground using them. Having built relationships across the country, we have access to hundreds of studios, rental houses, and technology companies who provide the tools needed to create your vision. If you have an idea, we can fabricate your imagination to its fullest extent.




When we are approached by a film creative, we don’t say “ I have a camera and couple of lights and maybe a mic, lets shoot this”. In our reality we start by discussing the script with you to find the emotion, and then build an arsenal of gear that tells the story. Once the gear is resolved, crewing the production with our qualified team of technicians to ensure a well oiled machine to produce your project. Doing all of this while staying in budget is our goal, giving you the freedom to worry less on the technical side.




Austin McCardie | Director Of Photography

He has been in the industry for over six years working as a camera technician and 1st AC. His focus has been in technology, because of this, he has been on the ground working hundreds of hours with the tools it takes to tell a story. To find his niche, he focused on acquiring knowledge in this area to better equip him for both the cinematographers he worked under, and for the directors he now collaborates with. Having lensed two features, crewed five total feature films, three overseas documentaries, and numerous commercials in the U.S, he has had an overwhelming amount of hands on experience from the inner workings while on ‘location’.  As a cinematographer, he believes that for new techniques to evolve, it is best to define it as this...“If we all worked on the assumption that what is accepted as true is really true, there would be little hope of advance". – Orville Wright

Technical Proficienies 

RED | Arri | Canon | Sony | Panasonic | Cooke | Schneider | Zeiss | Fuji | Panavision | Movi | Steadicam. 


Curtis McCardie | Gaffer-KeyGrip

Curtis McCardie is very passionate about telling stories with a feeling and being professional while he's doing it. He’s worked in the Grip & Electric departments for the past 7 years and had the privilege to be apart of multiple projects across the country. From Keying feature-length motion pictures to crewing short’s, Commercial’s, Youtube content and much more. Having a good work ethic and being honest is very important to working decisively on set. He also has an appreciation for this industry in that it takes a team pulling the same direction to make great things happen. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving Forward.” ( Albert Einstein)

Technical Proficiencies

Arri | Mole-Richardson | Fiilex | Kino Flo | Soft Panel | Hive Lighting | Dedolight |  Car Rigging | Grip truck driving | Condor lift operation.


Phillip McCardie | Sound Recordist 

He has worked on a few features, a lot of short films, a couple documentaries, to many commercials and a number of music productions for the past 6 years. Brothers 3 Studios offers to free film creatives from the stress of finding professional crew and gear. 

Technical Proficincies

AudioTechnica | Rode | Sennheiser | Scheops | Neumann | AKG | Ambient | Oktava | Sanken | TRAM | DPA | Asden | Countryman | Electro | Voice | Polsen | Blue | Senal | Shure | Sony | Voice Technologies | Tascam | Zoom | Roland | Remote Audio | Nagra | Sound Devices | Zaxcom | Alien & Health | Behringer | Mackie | Sound Craft | Yamaha | PreSonus | Audio LTD | Adam PA | Genelec | Barefoot | Focal | Gitzo | K-Tek | Rycote.